Master Key Experience Week 5: Importance Of Clarity

As I progress on this wonderful journey within to self-discovery, I am simply amazed by the number of insights that are surfacing. While I initially was engrossed in ways to expedite the accomplishment of my goals, it has suddenly become evident that there is much more involved. The importance of clarity just struck a chord.Continue reading “Master Key Experience Week 5: Importance Of Clarity”

Master Key Experience Week 4: 100% Commitment

The time is NOW to get serious and play full out. Giving my best is all I can do and that is enough. It is so important to decide and follow through by keeping my promises in All areas of my life. Part way is no longer acceptable. We are all in this Master MindContinue reading “Master Key Experience Week 4: 100% Commitment”

Master Key Experience Week 3: Clearing Things Up A Bit

As we enter week three of this magnificent experience, I am filled with many thoughts and ideas about what I desire as well as what I really don’t want. Being specific in determining what I truly want is critical. To a large extent I have trusted my intuition on this. Having obtained more clarity onContinue reading “Master Key Experience Week 3: Clearing Things Up A Bit”

Master Key Experience Week 2: The Journey Continues

Over the past several days I have had numerous insights into my psyche, and have actually enjoyed mixing things up a bit. Conflict always arises when a new thought or idea mixes with established ones that are set in concrete as part of our current belief structure. So it did get messy at times. InContinue reading “Master Key Experience Week 2: The Journey Continues”