Master Key Experience Week 4: 100% Commitment

The time is NOW to get serious and play full out. Giving my best is all I can do and that is enough. It is so important to decide and follow through by keeping my promises in All areas of my life. Part way is no longer acceptable.

We are all in this Master Mind Alliance for a reason, and it is in no way a coincidence we are here together. We were each led here through different avenues, but we are all given the same opportunity of Self-Discovery.

Awaken for a Moment

We only have to stay awake a moment or two so that we are able to make the “conscious” choice to commit fully to ourselves, instead of letting our old paradigm or former conditioning make that decision for us.

When we are present and aware it is obvious what the choice must be. It is only when we drift away do we pay attention to the noise in our head, and “kill off” our dream with the myriad alibis and excuses that identify the lies that we tell ourselves.

When I ask myself the question “am I present this moment?”, I then know for that brief moment, I am able to make that choice. I choose Freedom and 100% commitment!

A Brief Recap

Over the past week I continued to experience some resistance and uncomfortable emotions and feelings, but that did not detract from me following up and completing all my assignments. Actually, I am beginning to look forward to them.

One thing I noticed is that things are beginning to “flow” a bit, and they are getting done much easier. I am using less energy trying to talk myself out of doing a task, and instead using that energy to get stuff done.

Other than that, let the games continue. Each day is an adventure all its own. The spark within is getting a bit brighter.

All the Best to Us All in developing the daily discipline of transforming and increasing our well-being, prosperity, and productivity. The world desperately needs women and men of high character, who are leaders fueled by inner strength and authentic values with hearts full of compassion. We owe it to ourselves to leave all folks whom we encounter better off than we found them. To me that is our greater wisdom.

In Peace & Love within the Light,



Master Key Experience Week 3: Clearing Things Up A Bit

As we enter week three of this magnificent experience, I am filled with many thoughts and ideas about what I desire as well as what I really don’t want. Being specific in determining what I truly want is critical.

To a large extent I have trusted my intuition on this. Having obtained more clarity on my pivotal needs and core values has helped.

Clearing Things Up

Accepting What Is

It’s important for me to acknowledge where I am and all that got me here, both positive and negative. It’s all good, as it has positioned me to progress from here.

I have learned as much or more from my failures and mistakes, than I have from my successes over the years. Learning that it’s okay to fail has allowed me to hesitate less, and take action.

Now that I am clear on my present state of affairs, I am able to create my goals and objectives moving forward. My awareness of my thoughts and feelings continues to increase.

Learning to Love Uncertainty

I have also found it necessary to not only embrace, but to actually love uncertainty. Not being afraid of the unknown is a major factor in letting go and “allowing” myself to progress.

Trying to control stuff and worrying about this or that is so energy draining. All the barriers of which I have broken through over the years were not nearly so difficult as my mind led me to believe. Once I took action I did what was necessary to get the job done.

When I needed resources they somehow showed up. The payoff is beyond my comfort zone and in the wonderful world of the uncertain.

Trusting the Process

Doing my best each step of the way will get me creating the needed momentum to steadily progress on this journey. Trusting the Master Key process is a matter of trusting myself.

I am honored to be a part of the Master Key experience so that I can then move forward with confidence and strength in making a positive difference in the lives of others. So many are caught up in worry and fear, thinking the same thoughts and making the same moves every day.

Change is possible but it requires a commitment to improve as well as to stay with it long enough for all of the good stuff to kick in. There is magic in how things unfold in the world of our inner selves as our emotions, thoughts, and neurobiological networks sync up.

All the confusion, stress, and frustration is a gift once I realize that I am breaking down one foundation and replacing it with a new structure. My brain is in upheaval as I create some new neural pathways that will take me in the direction I desire to go.

The so-called “Dark Night of the Soul” is to be welcomed and not feared. My old self must pass away for my new “beingness” to break through. As my weaknesses are destroyed my greatness emerges. When things seem like they are falling apart, in reality they are coming together.

The illusion of safety will attract me no more. It is time to “Trust the Process”, and of that I am quite clear.

In Peace and Love within the Light,



Master Key Experience Week 2: The Journey Continues

Over the past several days I have had numerous insights into my psyche, and have actually enjoyed mixing things up a bit. Conflict always arises when a new thought or idea mixes with established ones that are set in concrete as part of our current belief structure. So it did get messy at times.

Embracing the Present Moment with Gusto!

In any event, I am enjoying the process of self-discovery that is taking me down some interesting avenues. At this point, my greatest takeaway is my increased awareness of the importance of the clarity of my intentions. This actually is what has been a major roadblock in my evolution over time.

Because of this lack of clarity, I have been enmeshed in much confusion related to discovering my true heart’s desire. I have always had a vague understanding of my purpose in life, but it lacked sufficient clarity to generate the emotional fuel in order to transport me to my objectives and enable me to manifest them fully.

As a result, my achievements were very hard earned through enormous willpower and determination. The struggle was intense at times, but I am very persistent. Now, I realize the easier way is to connect with my true intentions and then “allow” the methods to appear effortlessly. I have always been at my best when I was “going with the flow” so to speak.

I will build upon this, as well as other insights, as the weeks progress on this magnificent journey into the inner realms of my mind. I look forward to my “Next Step”.


Master Key Experience Week 1: Jumped In With “Both” Feet

The journey has begun! It has been quite an experience already. The first webinar on Sunday was fantastic as the dedication, commitment, and unconditional love of the staff came shining through. The Master Key Experience Week 1 is only the beginning of what I expect to be quite a roller coaster ride.

I have landed in the Right Place at the Right Time, and the time in Now to expand my inherent skills and abilities, and “allow” my potential to emerge. There are no coincidences, and I ‘know” I was divinely guided here.

What About The Resistance?

Excitement quickly turns to overwhelm as I am challenged as I approach the edge of my comfort zone. Fear, irritation, and anger creep in as I continue forward exploring the unknown. Uncertainty is not the favorite experience for my conditioned self.

Resistance erupts in the middle of my progress, but now I see it not as a roadblock but as a gift. My limited ideas and beliefs are exposed, and now I can see what I am dealing with, and am able to replace them over time with more ideas based on truth rather than illusion.

The Time Is Now

Anyway, I am happy to be here even though there is some fear and trepidation. It is so important to live fully NOW, and recognize that each small choice is important. I look forward to stay aware and embrace this experience fully.

All that I have previously achieved is being maximized as I continue the adventure of Self Discovery. This is a journey which never ends so I am so very grateful being here to share and contribute to everyone in this mastermind.