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Master Key Experience Week 22: Knowing That We Know

As we progress through this wonderful Master Key Experience it becomes blatantly evident that we know much more than we have been willing to admit up to this point. In fact, we have been so absurd about this that we have actually spent quite a bit of time “pretending not to know” stuff.

This just reinforces the power of our minds to either create illusions or manifest the truth. Unfortunately, we have all been guilty of opting for illusions much of the time. In any event, knowing that we know is what we need to embrace and consistently express each moment to create the lives we most desire to have.

The Good Ole Law of Vibration

When we are interested in making any changes to our mindset to affect our health, wealth, or overall well-being, we are using the law of vibration. It is this law that is responsible for the way things end up on the outside as a result of our thinking.

Working from the within to the without, we are able to use the law of vibration for our benefit on a conscious basis, rather than having it operate based on our old conditioning and providing mixed results. When we take conscious control we are acting from cause.

The subjective side of things things work pretty much automatically to keep our physical system running well and keeping us healthy. We only run into difficulties when we interfere with this perfect process. We have such a tremendous power to create that can be used for or against ourselves.

Since what we experience without is merely a reflection of what we are thinking within, we need only to keep in place perfect images of exactly what we desire to see show up. By keeping our rate of vibration high with the proper mental attitude, we obtain desired results at just the right time and in just the right way.

When We Know All Things Work Together Good

We know that we know when we are using our knowledge to advance our interests in all areas of our lives. With this working knowledge of the power of our minds, we are able to utilize the power of mental therapeutics to create a life of health, wealth, and peace of mind.

Harmonious conditions and happiness are merely a reflection of our state of mind right this very moment. There is nowhere to go and nothing to get. All the action is Here and Now.

It is about time that we embrace and take full advantage of our true abilities to create the life we desire. It does require a bit of time and effort, but that will be most well spent indeed. Being engrossed on a daily basis with feelings of joy, hope, harmony, and peace of mind is well worth any price to be paid.

And all of this exists right now at the edge of our comfort zones. As we eagerly, or maybe not so eagerly, advance beyond its outer edges, we begin to feel an excitement and exhilaration that we probably haven’t felt since we were a small child. At this point it becomes totally clear that it is “Action Time” and we then “apply” what we know to be true.

Let us all embrace the concept of neoteny, or the retention of child-like qualities well into adulthood, so that we actually not only live life with passion, but we have a tremendous amount of fun with this most exciting and challenging game of transformation. We then discover that accepting knowing that we know makes sense, and that it is exactly how we want to live.

Enjoy the journey and have some fun,


The Un-Retired Entrepreneur

Master Key Experience Week 21: What’s Up With The Truth?

It is time for all of us to open to what is really true within our hearts. So what’s up with the truth?

We have all denied our gifts and magnificence for far too long. It’s time to come clean, do what is necessary to release the debris of false beliefs and perceptions that we collected and piled up along the way, and take possession of our birthright. The birthright of us as conscious creators.

Losing the Victim Status

To do this we leave behind the blame, shame, confusion, and conflicted ideas and refuse to be a victim in any area of our lives. As conscious creators we take full responsibility for both the desirable and undesirable aspects of our lives.

This can be quite challenging at first as we change habits and patterns that have been in place for quite some time. I suggest a bit of patience with and kindness toward ourselves.

It is all One Power and we are merely seeing the results of our efforts up to this point. With a little adjustment of our mental attitude here and there we are able to steer our ship to our desired port and gain easy entry.

When we lose the victim status we gain access to the power within ourselves. Since we have taken responsibility for our lives, we now have access to greater power with which to create and make a positive impact in the lives of others.

There are numerous benefits of being a responsible and accountable individual. We now direct our creative energy in ways that fuel our imaginings to display the patterns we most desire.

Seeing the Big Picture

Once we gain access to our power by becoming conscious of it, we realize that the size of our aspirations does not matter. We are using the same creative energy that is indifferent to how it is used. It is just as easy, and many times easier, to create and achieve larger goals.

When we concentrate on the big picture and work backwards to our starting point, we are thinking in a much more expansive way. This distances us from the any tendencies to think small or negative. We realize that it is no more difficult to think big than small.

Patterns of Success

Being conscious and aware simplifies our lives in many ways. We use our minds constructively by visualizing solutions to our challenges before we lift a finger to get anything done. This saves us much time and effort.

We see clearly that it is not what we know but “how” we organize our thoughts to get things done in the most effective and efficient ways that makes the difference. This multiplies our results with much less effort. Our work is not wasted or over extended, but is laser focused to maximize results.

We now have a personality dominated by courage, power, and determination. Getting to this point is not easy. It does require a period of adjustment where we are consistently replacing outdated ideas and pictures with more life enhancing qualities. We must commit 100%. Nothing less will do.

Although we may stumble a bit along the way, each effort we make contributes to our overall success. It is our commitment to the process that builds a whole new mental attitude that is impervious to any negative outside influences.

We have arrived at the “Truth of our Being”. We now not only recognize and have become conscious of our power, but we are “living” our truth in ways that is in total alignment with natural law and universal mind.

What a difference a bit of effort makes. Enjoy and embrace the Present Moment for that is where All is revealed and where our Power resides.

In Peace and Love within the Light,


The Un-Retired Entrepreneur

Master Key Experience Week 20: Recognizing and Using Our Power

As we progress through our MKE experience it becomes more apparent that in order to ignite our spiritual essence, we must spend time recognizing and using our power. As we raise the level of our consciousness, our awareness increases to the point that this occurs. This does take a 100% commitment on our part.

Since power is the result of our thinking, it is imperative that we pay attention to what thoughts show up, and consciously choose to focus on those that increase our effectiveness and power. When we are conscious we are able to direct this power beyond mere symbols of success to our perfect connection with Universal Mind.

We are the Vehicle

It becomes quite apparent that we are the vehicle through which the Universal is to express. Dependent on our state of mind as an individual, we either manifest positive or negative conditions.

When we are inspired we possess the vitality to create in remarkable ways. Our connection to Universal Mind is strong and we are effortlessly led to do the right thing at the right time.

Since these universal principles are stable and true, it is up to us as the vehicle to drive in the direction of our goals and create harmonious results and conditions. Otherwise, we can suffer the results of our ignorance of the law when we let our thoughts wander about carelessly. Then we must regroup and figure out what we are pretending not to know.

Our Genius Self Revealed

When our thoughts are directly correctly we are truly inspired and in alignment with the principles of nature and the universe. We effortlessly succeed when we listen carefully for our “marching orders” on a moment-to-moment basis.

The combination of our power of thought backed up by the emotional fuel of a heart-based burning desire is an “unbeatable combination“. We are One with the principle of All Life so we are making decisions and taking action based on Who We truly Are.

Thus our Genius Self is revealed during these moments of inspiration. Spending time in nature and/or in a meditative state serves to solidify our connection to our True Self. We are not trying to force things to happen through the power of the will, but are allowing things to flow and happen naturally. We are in conscious cooperation with All That Is.

In Peace and Love within the Light,

Joseph William

The Un-Retired Entrepreneur

Master Key Experience Week 19: Our Point Of Power

Our mental, spiritual, and physical powers are based within ourselves. No need to look without for any false images that are impotent to provide. Our Point of Power exists right here, right now, in the Present Moment.

We are able to access this power when our belief in ourselves to “produce” our desired results has been tested enough to transform from belief into a “living faith”. That faith is full of expectation, confidence, and real life results.

Releasing Our Fear to Embrace Our Power

When we recognize that this power really does exist within ourselves, we quite often have a tendency to resist. This is based on our old conditioning of feeling we are not enough.

Also by holding a belief of not being enough we have accumulated sufficient evidence over the years to back up our belief and set our perception about ourselves in concrete. It can take a bit of effort and time to convince ourselves that this belief is quite false, and to replace it with the truth of our magnificence and power.

This is when we are willing to let go of the past, and create a whole new paradigm of success and possibility. It does require persistence and consistency to get used to the truth of our being. With enough repetition on a daily basis we will get there for sure. We just have to plant the seeds.

Time to Focus Up and Pay Attention

In order to make this transition for ourselves, it is critical that we “concentrate” on what we desire with such intensity that there is no possible doubt of our outcome. We are able to generate this type of concentration when we are interested enough in what we are doing so that we take pride in doing the best we can.

But doing the best we can is only the start. Once we are in motion and gained a bit of momentum we will be curious enough to extend beyond the best we can do, to discovering how it can best be done. Gary Keller describes this well in his Wall Street Journal best selling book, “The One Thing”. He talks about finding ways to increase our productivity so that we can discover the best we can become.

This provides us with a wonderful give and take of interest and attention. They both increase as we create and extend our benefit to all whom we serve. This type of concentration focuses our power to such a degree that the object of our attention has no choice other than to manifest.

At this point it becomes evident that there is a difference between doing the best we can and the best it can be done.

And it all begins in our imagination by conceiving the ideal way to utilize our power most effectively. By giving our desire enough concentration and attention, we are able to see it clearly in our minds.

The present moment is sacred, and once we recognize this fully, we realize that we can consciously create our lives moment-to-moment without any care or worry as to results. Since we “know that we know”, it’s happening is a given because we are aligned with the natural laws of the Universe.

May you embrace your Power with Confidence and Love,

Joseph William Stasaitis

The Un-Retired Entrepreneur

Master Key Experience Week 18: It’s All In Our “Heart”

We are all capable of doing great things and creating wonderful experiences dependent on our individual interests. When we are interested in something, we put our focus and attention there, and quickly discover it’s all in our heart.

Our heart’s desire leads the way. This is the difference between a poor or mediocre performance, and an outstanding accomplishment. Regardless of experience and innate ability, a person who has a deep interest in getting something done finds a way.

Directing the Power of our Thought

When our efforts are heart-centered we are more inclined to become more conscious of our power and then to use it in ways that contribute and benefit others. This is because we want to give more and fully express our power to make a difference.

When we are conscious of our power to think effectively, we direct our attention which then only increases our power. Once have developed sufficient momentum we find that we naturally receive without any apparent effort, and without any strain or struggle.

Our interest powers our attention, and our attention to any subject or project then creates the necessary actions to bring about desired results. This is a positive type of self-fulfilling prophecy.

We are All Creators

Whatever we are experiencing is a result of our power to create. All of this creation takes place in the Present Moment, and is based on our beliefs and perceptions.

When we are on default we drift through life allowing our past conditioning to determine our choices and actions and thus results. In order to direct the power of our thought effectively, it is critical that we become conscious of this process.

When we are truly interested in a subject or endeavor, we do what it takes to get it done because we are being powered by a heart-felt desire. We take “conscious” control of the reins in order to ensure we get the results we want.

We plant the seed and reap the rewards. We have created the emotional fuel to get us to the finish line.

We are willing to pay attention because it really means something to us. We deal with any resistance along the way, and are willing to extend beyond the imaginary limits of our comfort zones.

This is the difference between creating unconsciously based on past conditioning, and creating consciously with our attention on our objective and goal. We are purpose-driven and have the expectation and faith that we will arrive in a satisfactory way.

We have exchanged the old for the new.

It really is all in our heart, and our heart will provide the passion and drive to keep us on course no matter how many mistakes we make along the way. We will welcome failure as merely the “cost of passage” to success.

It is good to know that we are the captains of our destiny and are able to control the direction our ship will go.

It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll; I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul. ”    

William Ernest Henley

Enjoy the journey,

Joseph William Stasaitis

The Un-Retired Entrepreneur

Master Key Experience Week 17HJ: Who Wants To Be A Hero?

You would think that by posing that question, who wants to be a hero, there would be a unanimous decision to step up and say yes. Even though on the surface this is what it appears to be, in reality it’s a much different case.

The truth of the matter is when push comes to shove, there will be very few volunteers. And even among those who do, the majority will still be reluctant.

So What’s the Story Behind this Reluctance?

What is it that we are really afraid of? When we were kids it was a no-brainer. That’s all that we wanted to be. We all had our heroes and superheroes whose powers we pretended to possess. We were proud to declare and “claim” our heroism.

Where did all this enthusiasm for expressing our heroic virtues go? Did they simply melt away, were they stolen, or are they just buried somewhere deep down within ourselves? Well that’s it for the questions; it’s now time for some answers.

“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” — Christopher Reeve —

By doing a little bit of investigation we soon discover that they did not melt away or disappear but still exist within ourselves, although they are covered over and buried by an accumulation of a false sense of self. We are so comfortable with this false entity that we are reluctant to let go and embrace our freedom.

In our formative years, and thereafter, we simply bought into a lot of stuff about ourselves, other people, and the world in general that is just not true. These thoughts, feelings, and ideas turned into a belief system that has put a figurative, but still seems very real, “straitjacket” around our Genius Self.

With this type of straitjacket of false perception we are unable to release our authenticity in the pursuit of our goals. We are trapped, and most of us do not even realize it.

Accepting the Call to Adventure

When we accept this call to adventure, we enter the world of the unknown filled with much uncertainty and lack of guarantees. In fact, for a while we will feel lost and abandoned. It is at this point many desire to turn back, and some do.

But for those courageous hearts who stay the course, a whole new world is awaiting. It gets a bit rocky through this process as we have to let go of all we “think we know” in order to embrace our greatness as we experience the death of our self conditioned self.

We may deny our feelings, get frustrated and angry, mourn the loss of the familiar, and resist in other ways before accepting and welcoming our Genius Within. We may arrive kicking and screaming, but we Do Arrive.

The Payoff

Through this entire process of transforming from the confinement of a caterpillar to the freedom and bliss of a butterfly, we can now re-enter the known with an entirely new Sense of Self based on our uniqueness and authenticity.

“Live like a hero. That’s what the classics teach us. Be a main character. Otherwise what is life for?” — J.M. Coetzee —

We can now be of true service to ourselves and others. We are truly grateful for the present moment, and act with a sense of confidence and assertiveness that is not limited by any hidden agenda. We take action and leave all excuses behind.

There is not anyone who has completed this journey and regrets having to face the challenges and temptations along the way. It is all part of awakening ourselves to Who We Really Are and to accepting the Destiny that we were meant to live.

I am honored to be on this Journey with Each and Everyone of You!

Let us Stay Blessed within the Light of our Higher Selves.

Love & Peace within the Light,


The Un-Retired Entrepreneur

Master Key Experience Week 17: It’s Decision Time

Whenever we embark on a journey into the unknown and are filled with uncertainty about the eventual outcome, there comes a point where we have a choice. It’s “decision time”.

This is the fork in the road. We are at the point of “consciously” choosing our destiny. Although we have let go of much old conditioning, there are still some traces that linger which entice us to draw back.

Giving Ourselves “Permission”

It is at this point that we can choose to continue our journey and choose joy and happiness. It is down this path that we soon realize that it is okay to feel good, and enjoy our lives.

We realize fully that our joy and happiness is not dependent on any outside circumstances, but is dependent on our desire and choice. It quickly becomes apparent as more and more false ideas and beliefs are dissolved or drift away, that we deserve to be happy now.

All of our past experiences brought us to this point in time, but there is now no need to hold on to any of it in the present moment. Instead of allowing our past to determine our future, we create our future by our choices and decisions in the Present Moment of NOW.

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”Buddha

This is when we are able to honestly give ourselves permission to be the powerful being we are as the last vestiges of cloud cover dissipate to allow our inner light to shine through. We have transformed into our Authentic Self.

Beyond Experience and Memory

When we give ourselves permission to be great, we embrace our power within the now-ness of the moment. This is our inner strength and power that has been waiting quite a while for us to awaken to what has always been there. We have hesitated far too long in accepting the reality of our True Nature.

It is this true nature that ignites our intuition which leads the way in providing solutions to any challenges or problems we may have. Once it is recognized and appreciated, it develops and increases through use. We are no longer dependent on rehashed information or data from outside sources, or trying to figure things out with logic alone.

Our reason and logic have their place in any problem-solving scenario, but our intuitive factor is the accelerator to this process. With this combination we are taken to greater heights of accomplishment.

Also, we no longer focus on any outside symbols of success, but rather use our creative thought process to embrace the essence or spirit of what we most desire. Through “imagination and concentration” the miraculous becomes commonplace. This truly is an new beginning.

Let us embrace the True Substance of Reality by permitting ourselves to express our Power for the benefit of All.

Enjoy the Process,


The Un-Retired Entrepreneur

Master Key Experience Week 16: Mixing It Up In Harmony

Once we truly realize that whatever we think about with intention shows up in our lives, we are able to consciously create our lives as we desire. This is basically mixing it up in harmony with nature’s laws, and this contributes greatly to our overall happiness.

When we are able to more than intellectually comprehend this, we are positioned to see beyond any apparent limitations to our true potential. It is at this point that we are steering our ship to whatever destination that we choose on a conscious basis.

A Simple Choice

This really all comes down to a simple choice of consciously directing our lives. We are only able to do this when we have understood that our power is in the present moment. It is in the present moment that we move beyond knee-jerk reactions based on habitual conditioning.

When we automatically react to outside stimuli, we have not made it a conscious choice. It was automatically made for us through our subconscious conditioning. That’s why it often seems things just happen to us, and we feel totally out of control. This is when it is easy to fall into the victim role.

In order to break free from this self-imposed prison of accepted beliefs and perceptions, we must create a whole new framework from which to operate. This is a framework that places choice right in the middle of the stimulus response equation.

Empowering Our Choices

When we increase our awareness by slowing down enough so that we can “respond” rather than “react” to any outside stimuli, we can then consciously choose. This requires some work though, and unfortunately this type of mental effort presents a challenge that most folks neglect to accept.

By observing our thoughts and feelings on a consistent basis in the present moment, we eventually get to the point of being able to “consciously choose“. It takes time and effort and it moves through a number of phases.

Initially we even forget to pay attention. Then we begin to pay attention more but we still automatically react. For some time we watch ourselves react enough that we then are able to stop ourselves for a brief moment, and “choose” a different thought and then actually respond. After working on this a bit, it eventually gets easier and what was once so hard to do becomes automatic. We respond instead of react to outside circumstances.

Harmony Hooks Up with Happiness

Now that we truly understand that harmony and happiness are present moment events, we are not now dependent on any particular type of outcome or result for them to show up. We are happy because we “choose” to be. It’s so important to be Persisting In Harmony

We then generate the “feeling” of happiness that harmonizes with the natural flow of life, so that we are able to produce desired results without all the struggle and effort. Finally, we have attained the cooperation of our subconscious mind, and are living through the principles which previously we only intellectually understood. Thought and feeling work together to vitalize our ideal objective.

Now that’s mixing it up in harmony. Enjoy the process. It’s definitely a time for change.

In Love, Happiness, and Harmony,

Joseph William Stasaitis

The Unretired Entrepreneur

Master Key Experience Week 15: It’s “Action” Time

Throughout the Master Key Experience, we have been learning sound principles in which to change up our former thoughts and conditioning into a much more desirable makeup. Lots of great ideas and knowledge have been revealed. Now it’s action time.

This stuff does not apply itself. We can intellectually understand the workings of the mind and how to initiate constructive change, but it’s up to us to pull the trigger.

No More Lies or Excuses

If we really want to make constructive changes in our lives we have to be willing to give up the old in order to welcome in the new. As part of letting go, we need to take full responsibility for things as they are.

Even though this may be uncomfortable to do, we cannot regain our conscious power to create by denying what we created in the first place. We may deny this and make up all sorts of excuses, but the proof is in the pudding so to speak. If things keep repeating, we haven’t learned the lesson yet.

Granted that there is a period of time necessary for new thought patterns to take effect, but there is a way to test if we are making the necessary changes. Just listen to ourselves speak. Even better, record some of our conversations. It will soon be plainly evident if we have let go of the old conditioning or not.

Our habits are ingrained and control our actions unless we make a conscious effort to apply our newly gained knowledge on a consistent basis. Otherwise, we are still lying to ourselves and cannot realistically expect to see the desired results.

Our Words are Powerful

Out words and sentences are merely a reflection of our thought patterns. We can’t expect to see good results when we are complaining all the time or blaming others for our problems and challenges.

In fact, a good book that I read quite some time ago is “Power Of The Spoken Word” by Florence Scovel-Shinn. It was written in 1945 and emphasizes the power of words to change our lives. It’s all about paying attention and increasing awareness. I also enjoyed her book published in 1928, “Your Word Is Your Wand“.

When we monitor our speech we are actually monitoring our thoughts as well. She emphasizes the importance of the creative power of thought. It’s definitely worth a read.

Applying What We Know

Conscious constructive thinking is one of the hardest things we will ever do. It is so much easier to react to outside circumstances than think, visualize, and speak what we now “know” to be true.

Once we let go of the old ways of thinking and learn sound principles, the power is in the application of those principles on a daily basis. We live as the person we desire to be, and in fact who we really are.

No more pretending to be less than the powerful beings we are. We were conditioned to fail, and now we have learned to succeed. With the proper insight, we are able to anticipate any upcoming obstacles or challenges and be prepared in advance so that we can use our energy to advance our goals.

It’s action time for sure. Let’s leap out of our comfort zones and have some fun. Sure there will be some apprehension, but no more than taking a roller coaster ride and getting our juices flowing. Life can be a fun experience when we choose to make it so. Let the games begin!