Master Key Experience Week 17: It’s Decision Time

Whenever we embark on a journey into the unknown and are filled with uncertainty about the eventual outcome, there comes a point where we have a choice. It’s “decision time”.

This is the fork in the road. We are at the point of “consciously” choosing our destiny. Although we have let go of much old conditioning, there are still some traces that linger which entice us to draw back.

Giving Ourselves “Permission”

It is at this point that we can choose to continue our journey and choose joy and happiness. It is down this path that we soon realize that it is okay to feel good, and enjoy our lives.

We realize fully that our joy and happiness is not dependent on any outside circumstances, but is dependent on our desire and choice. It quickly becomes apparent as more and more false ideas and beliefs are dissolved or drift away, that we deserve to be happy now.

All of our past experiences brought us to this point in time, but there is now no need to hold on to any of it in the present moment. Instead of allowing our past to determine our future, we create our future by our choices and decisions in the Present Moment of NOW.

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”Buddha

This is when we are able to honestly give ourselves permission to be the powerful being we are as the last vestiges of cloud cover dissipate to allow our inner light to shine through. We have transformed into our Authentic Self.

Beyond Experience and Memory

When we give ourselves permission to be great, we embrace our power within the now-ness of the moment. This is our inner strength and power that has been waiting quite a while for us to awaken to what has always been there. We have hesitated far too long in accepting the reality of our True Nature.

It is this true nature that ignites our intuition which leads the way in providing solutions to any challenges or problems we may have. Once it is recognized and appreciated, it develops and increases through use. We are no longer dependent on rehashed information or data from outside sources, or trying to figure things out with logic alone.

Our reason and logic have their place in any problem-solving scenario, but our intuitive factor is the accelerator to this process. With this combination we are taken to greater heights of accomplishment.

Also, we no longer focus on any outside symbols of success, but rather use our creative thought process to embrace the essence or spirit of what we most desire. Through “imagination and concentration” the miraculous becomes commonplace. This truly is an new beginning.

Let us embrace the True Substance of Reality by permitting ourselves to express our Power for the benefit of All.

Enjoy the Process,


The Un-Retired Entrepreneur

Master Key Experience Week 16: Mixing It Up In Harmony

Once we truly realize that whatever we think about with intention shows up in our lives, we are able to consciously create our lives as we desire. This is basically mixing it up in harmony with nature’s laws, and this contributes greatly to our overall happiness.

When we are able to more than intellectually comprehend this, we are positioned to see beyond any apparent limitations to our true potential. It is at this point that we are steering our ship to whatever destination that we choose on a conscious basis.

A Simple Choice

This really all comes down to a simple choice of consciously directing our lives. We are only able to do this when we have understood that our power is in the present moment. It is in the present moment that we move beyond knee-jerk reactions based on habitual conditioning.

When we automatically react to outside stimuli, we have not made it a conscious choice. It was automatically made for us through our subconscious conditioning. That’s why it often seems things just happen to us, and we feel totally out of control. This is when it is easy to fall into the victim role.

In order to break free from this self-imposed prison of accepted beliefs and perceptions, we must create a whole new framework from which to operate. This is a framework that places choice right in the middle of the stimulus response equation.

Empowering Our Choices

When we increase our awareness by slowing down enough so that we can “respond” rather than “react” to any outside stimuli, we can then consciously choose. This requires some work though, and unfortunately this type of mental effort presents a challenge that most folks neglect to accept.

By observing our thoughts and feelings on a consistent basis in the present moment, we eventually get to the point of being able to “consciously choose“. It takes time and effort and it moves through a number of phases.

Initially we even forget to pay attention. Then we begin to pay attention more but we still automatically react. For some time we watch ourselves react enough that we then are able to stop ourselves for a brief moment, and “choose” a different thought and then actually respond. After working on this a bit, it eventually gets easier and what was once so hard to do becomes automatic. We respond instead of react to outside circumstances.

Harmony Hooks Up with Happiness

Now that we truly understand that harmony and happiness are present moment events, we are not now dependent on any particular type of outcome or result for them to show up. We are happy because we “choose” to be. It’s so important to be Persisting In Harmony

We then generate the “feeling” of happiness that harmonizes with the natural flow of life, so that we are able to produce desired results without all the struggle and effort. Finally, we have attained the cooperation of our subconscious mind, and are living through the principles which previously we only intellectually understood. Thought and feeling work together to vitalize our ideal objective.

Now that’s mixing it up in harmony. Enjoy the process. It’s definitely a time for change.

In Love, Happiness, and Harmony,

Joseph William Stasaitis

The Unretired Entrepreneur

Master Key Experience Week 15: It’s “Action” Time

Throughout the Master Key Experience, we have been learning sound principles in which to change up our former thoughts and conditioning into a much more desirable makeup. Lots of great ideas and knowledge have been revealed. Now it’s action time.

This stuff does not apply itself. We can intellectually understand the workings of the mind and how to initiate constructive change, but it’s up to us to pull the trigger.

No More Lies or Excuses

If we really want to make constructive changes in our lives we have to be willing to give up the old in order to welcome in the new. As part of letting go, we need to take full responsibility for things as they are.

Even though this may be uncomfortable to do, we cannot regain our conscious power to create by denying what we created in the first place. We may deny this and make up all sorts of excuses, but the proof is in the pudding so to speak. If things keep repeating, we haven’t learned the lesson yet.

Granted that there is a period of time necessary for new thought patterns to take effect, but there is a way to test if we are making the necessary changes. Just listen to ourselves speak. Even better, record some of our conversations. It will soon be plainly evident if we have let go of the old conditioning or not.

Our habits are ingrained and control our actions unless we make a conscious effort to apply our newly gained knowledge on a consistent basis. Otherwise, we are still lying to ourselves and cannot realistically expect to see the desired results.

Our Words are Powerful

Out words and sentences are merely a reflection of our thought patterns. We can’t expect to see good results when we are complaining all the time or blaming others for our problems and challenges.

In fact, a good book that I read quite some time ago is “Power Of The Spoken Word” by Florence Scovel-Shinn. It was written in 1945 and emphasizes the power of words to change our lives. It’s all about paying attention and increasing awareness. I also enjoyed her book published in 1928, “Your Word Is Your Wand“.

When we monitor our speech we are actually monitoring our thoughts as well. She emphasizes the importance of the creative power of thought. It’s definitely worth a read.

Applying What We Know

Conscious constructive thinking is one of the hardest things we will ever do. It is so much easier to react to outside circumstances than think, visualize, and speak what we now “know” to be true.

Once we let go of the old ways of thinking and learn sound principles, the power is in the application of those principles on a daily basis. We live as the person we desire to be, and in fact who we really are.

No more pretending to be less than the powerful beings we are. We were conditioned to fail, and now we have learned to succeed. With the proper insight, we are able to anticipate any upcoming obstacles or challenges and be prepared in advance so that we can use our energy to advance our goals.

It’s action time for sure. Let’s leap out of our comfort zones and have some fun. Sure there will be some apprehension, but no more than taking a roller coaster ride and getting our juices flowing. Life can be a fun experience when we choose to make it so. Let the games begin!

Master Key Experience Week 14: Persisting In Harmony

There is so much vital information that continues to be revealed throughout this Master Key Experience. Persisting in harmony is an integral part of this entire process.

As we continue to move forward in our unfoldment, we discover many things about ourselves and life in general. These gems of wisdom remain hidden no longer.

A Metaphor or Two

Persisting in a harmonious way is reflected in many of movies produced over the years. Just the other day I watched a movie for the first time that brought this home to me very vividly. It is “Door to Door” with William H. Macy.

It’s not only about overcoming the challenges of door-to-door sales, which I have done myself over the years, but the main character exhibits such fortitude, determination, and commitment while also have the challenge of a disability as well.

This main character takes tremendous pride in having a job and considered any type of government subsidy due to his disability an insult. His burning desire is so ablaze that he lives with purpose each moment of every day and that is reflected in his positive mental attitude.

He has a mastermind relationship with his mother, and then later with a personal assistant, that support him as needed. He implements his plan of action on such a consistent basis that he becomes the top salesman for his organization. A simply stunning example of what is possible for anyone who chooses to employ these principles.

The other movie that also exemplifies these core principles of success is “Cool Runnings” with John Candy. I highly recommend both movies.

An Unbeatable Combination

When persistence is applied in a harmonious way utilizing the above mentioned principles of success, there is no holding any one back from success. At that point it is merely a matter of repeating what works as well as adjusting to changing conditions and circumstances.

When we are aligned with our cores values, our success exists every moment we are engaged in applying our knowledge and skills. That is true harmony. We do not wait for happiness and harmony to arrive once we accomplish our goals. We accept that it exists right this very moment, and then “choose” to experience it in the here and now.

I look forward that we all embrace our unique gifts and skills by utilizing them to make a difference in our lives and in the lives of others. Our point of power is in the Present Moment, and all ideas of past and future are mere illusions.

Move forward with confidence, peace, and a harmonious state of mind.

In Peace & Love within the Light,


Master Key Experience Week 13: Living The Dream

So much good stuff is happening as a result of staying with the process of the Master Key Experience. The Seven (7) Day Mental Diet of Emmet Fox sped up the process quite a bit, and allows us to envision living the dream.

It’s a recognition and then a realization that we are part of it All and always have been. It just requires some patience to stay with the process long enough to internalize this to the point of actually “living” it in the present moment.

The Matrix Uncovered

Living the Dream

Once we realize that we have been buying into many false images, perceptions, and beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world we are able to “see” clearly and rediscover our True Essence.

The matrix has been a large part of our lives for many years, so it is like emerging into the sunlight after many years in darkness. It does take a bit of time to adjust, but that is perfectly okay.

We are finally regaining our power and the ability of “how” to think rather “what” to think. As a result we realize that we are the cause and not longer feel victimized by the dream itself. We are the dreamer and the creator of this dream regardless of its current quality.

Regaining our Mastery of the Present Moment

Through the recognition and realization of ourselves as the cause and not the effect of our current conditions and reality, we are empowered to choose for the first time in quite a while on a conscious basis. We are willing to leave the illusions and limits behind and move forward with grace and courage.

This all takes place in the present moment where our power exists. When seeing ourselves at effect we are lost in the past and future, and thereby setting ourselves up for more of the same; the past creates the future and the present is ignored. We are fueling our future unconsciously and feeling victimized as a result.

This all stops now as we embrace the Light within our True Essence and move forward as our Genius Self. All this may still seem quite far away, but that is what “faith” and “expectation” are for. They lead the way until our uncertainty transforms in knowingness.

Living the dream is a present time experience and it begins Right This Very Moment. Happily ever after is NOW.

In Peace & Love within the Light,


Master Key Experience Week 12: Planting The Seeds

As time progresses in this Master Key Experience, it has become quite evident that what we are actually doing is planting seeds that are in alignment with our core values and heart’s desire. Step-by-step we progress and move toward our desired destination

This endeavor is sure to ignite resistance from our old conditioned self, who now feels threatened, and is determined to stay alive. Its very existence is at stake. No wonder we are bombarded by so much negative bias.

Tender Loving Care

What we require is some tender loving care. By being compassionate with ourselves, we are able to allow our desires to germinate, sprout, and come into full bloom at just the perfect time.

It is not necessary to rush the process, or doubt that our efforts will come to fruition. By being consistent in nurturing our desires, we provide all the necessary nutrients to keep things alive and progressing at their natural pace.

It’s all too easy to get impatient and discontinue our efforts. We allow our desires then to wither away. Many times this happens when we were just on the verge of success.

It is not our business to know how many steps are needed to be taken for our desires to manifest. Once we plant the seed of our desire, it is time to step back and “trust” the process.

A More Enlightened Approach

Emmet Fox’s Seven (7) Day Mental Diet certainly helps to clean house so to speak and get us back on track. With enough patience and persistence the benefits are evident as a new positivity bias appears.

This provided peace of mind and a more relaxed attitude toward our efforts. We are able to actually “enjoy” the process, and accept things as they are with a heart filled with gratitude.

Now the seeds we have planted are allowed to grow without our intense desire to dig them up and examine their progress. It is exactly this lack of trust that causes our demise.

In any event, as the Master Key Experience continues a bigger picture comes into view. It is a panoramic landscape of our future self enjoying that life that we have consciously designed. What a beautiful scene it is.

Master Key Experience Week 11: Oh What A Diet

Well, oh what a diet it has been. The Seven (7) Day Mental Diet has taken its toll. For several weeks I have slipped, stumbled, and fallen on my face. But it’s all about harmony.

A few scratches here and there, but overall I have made it through in okay shape. The last defense was a bit “physically” painful indeed, as my conditioned self did not want me to be freed.

Holding On For Dear Life

Well, I went several days without giving in, and then on day seven (7) is when the pain would begin. Unable to knock me off my resolve to substitute and replace, my ego self decided to put me in a physical brace.

My back tightened up a few nights ago, and it felt like I was in a vice, with nowhere to go. Even with this uncomfortable state, I woke up early and modified my exercise routine a bit, but still got it done.

I refused to accept to be thrown off balance by any emotional, mental, or physical challenge. Even though the pain definitely got my attention, I refused to give in. I held on tight, refusing to complain, and now I have nine (9) consecutive days to exclaim my delight.

The Value of Commitment

My commitment to this MasterKey process is what enabled me to move through the mental, emotional, and physical challenges and attain this goal. How long it will last is not for me to know.

I am not tied to results, only doing my best, and I leave it up to the Universe to do the rest. Having gone through this process, I am now much more relaxed, accepting what happens much more easily than in the past.

The journey continues and always will, as there is no standing still. The present moment has taken on a more vivid space in my life, and I am very grateful for all of my experiences. Letting go has brought a certain type of humility to me, and I am feeling even more grateful for being this free.

I guess this post has turned out as a combination of prose and poetry, but it was not intended to be. Intuitive poetry does have a certain place in my current work, and it is now bleeding through in a most natural way.

Let’s rejoice and continue on with enthusiasm and unleashed optimism.

Master Key Experience Week 10: No More Lies

Over the course of these past several weeks it has become plainly evident that I have not been exactly truthful with myself about a lot of stuff. In addition to that, I have been blatantly telling my self a bunch of ‘crap’, and that’s being nice about it.

There comes a time when you say to yourself “enough is enough”. And this is exactly where I am now. No more lies are acceptable in any form as they are just poor forms of excuses and alibis.

A More Authentic Approach

Many revelations have occurred especially since starting the Seven (7) Day Mental Diet. That Emmet Fox really had it together, and knew what he was revealing.

Especially the importance of facing your fears and negativity and not denying it with a false front of courage that is really a disguise for anxiety and inner terror. Living life on such a basis tears the insides apart in several ways, and it is no wonder that we experience whacked out results in many areas of our lives.

Authenticity is where it is at. Being true to myself and accepting my weaknesses as well as recognizing my strengths and accomplishments goes a long way in revealing my inner brilliance and true Genius.

Here’s a short poem that I was inspired to write on this subject the other day. Enjoy!

No More Lies

There was a Time
Very early in Life
When I was most vulnerable
To thoughts of Fear and Strife

Acceptance was easy
When I was young and free
In the middle of figuring out
This Life of Mystery

Never did I doubt
At that tender age
That what I was being taught
Might not be sage

There does come a Time
In everyone’s Life
That we have the ‘Choice’
To avoid the strife

No More Lies
Will be tolerated Now
From others or self
There’s a part within us
Crying for Help

Only the Truth
Is our Burning Desire
Blessing us with thoughts
That set us on Fire!

Joseph William Stasaitis

Master Key Experience Week 9: Ask And You Shall Receive

A challenge I have had over the years within my old outdated paradigm or blueprint is the reluctance to ask for what I want. Mixed within a maze of quite limiting beliefs was a an issue of not deserving it at all. ‘Ask & you shall receive’ was not even an option.

Over the years the strong grip of these limiting ideas have lessened a bit, but when confronted head on, their army of negative warriors were released. This is much of what I have been experiencing with the Seven Day Mental Diet.

Asking Good Questions

I suddenly realized that I had offended the feelings of my old blueprint by asking for more. All the beliefs about not being worthy or good enough came to the front of the line.

Over the years I was able to overcome their influence to a significant degree through sheer will power and determination, but now I was apparently ‘asking’ too much. How dare I desire to have it all without any of the fear and resistance? To my illusionary made-up self this is blasphemous indeed; I was stepping way out of line by asserting my divine right to happiness, abundance, and freedom?

In any event, the battle was on and these last several days were a battleground within my very being. Confronting these fears, and not repressing them, revealed the illusionary nature of this negative presence. I was holding it in place by my focus and attention, when I had the keys to freedom all along. It just required enough ‘presence and awareness’ to remember to use them.

Unlocking the Door with the Master Key

Staying with the process of the Master Key Experience regardless of what showed up within or without, has been the key to my freedom. I am now able to experience these feelings without total identification. This released me to just ‘Be’.

It’s a moment-to-moment challenge at this point until my new habits kick in on an automatic basis. Repetition of all the processes within the MKE is getting me there. My mind still sets its traps, but more often than not, I ‘choose’ to walk around rather than descend.

Ask and you shall receive has finally taken on a practical role in my life. The roller coaster ride in the Amusement Park of the Master Key is becoming quite enjoyable.

Master Key Experience Week 8: The Seven Day What?

Here we go. The journey continues within this marvelous Master Key Experience. This past week we began Emmet Fox’s Seven Day Mental Diet.

To say it is challenging is an understatement. My thoughts are not shy about stampeding their way into my mind. But I did realize that I am NOT my thoughts. Which is a very good thing of which to become aware.

Releasing the Fear

The major insight that I received while going through the diet is that it is important to embrace and face whatever I am feeling. In the present moment I am able to “feel” and know everything is okay. Fear really is an illusion.

It is only when my mind flips around doing the past-future worry and concern routine that I get a bit overwhelmed, lose contact with the present moment, and react to outside stimuli. When that happens I “forget” to replace or substitute the feeling or thought with a more life-enriching one, and have to start my seven (7) days all over again.

But that is all good because this type of failure is taking me in the right direction, and I am getting internally stronger moment-to-moment. Each incremental advance is a big win.

At one point I almost made a day maintaining my diet, but then I blurted something out as I automatically reacted to a feeling that took possession of me as a result of my reaction to some outside stimulus. Oh well, the journey continues.

A Few Additional Insights Emerged

A few days ago as I was reflecting on my progress with my Seven (7) Day Mental Diet, a few thoughts came to the surface. They came in poetic form:

Seven (7) Days of Abstinence

A chaotic mind
That won’t standstill
An infinite thought buffet
For my appetite to fill

In constant motion
Never taking a break
My thoughts are relentless
For heaven’s sake

Now it’s time for a diet
Some call it a fast
The intention is to “let go”
Of these memories of the past

Seven (7) days is required!
To refrain from such thoughts
Only encouraging phrases
Are to be sought

My mind is in turmoil
As I consider this feat
Seven (7) days of abstinence
Would be quite a treat

Seven (7) seconds seem more practical
Of that I am sure
But this challenge persuades me
To let go of Fear

My awareness increases
As this diet takes form
Releasing and replacing
Has become the new norm

No longer will I accept
These random thought forms
I am now the Master
And I will not conform

As my mind starts to quiet
I perceive a new view
I have discovered my Passion
And my Dreams have come True!

Joseph William Stasaitis — 11/12/2020

I look forward to the week ahead, and making additional progress with my Seven (7) Day Mental Diet.